Ordering Instructions

On our website, www.stevensonwilliamsco.com, click on Documents. Then click the second option, Order Documents.

To purchase documents, please:

  1. Under NEW ORDERS, enter the street name only of the subject property (ex: enter MAPLE for 232 Maple Street)
  2. From the Address, click on the correct street or unit address and you will be taken to the order page.
  3. On the order page, select the documents you wish to purchase by placing a check in the box next to the specific documents. IF YOU ARE SELLING PROPERTY AND NEED A RESALE PACKAGE, SELECT THE $375.00 PACKAGE AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE – THIS IS A COMPLETE DOCUMENTS SET CONTAINING ALL DOCUMENTS REQUIRED BY TITLE 68 PA UNIFORM ACT FOR A PROPERTY RESALE WITHIN A CONDOMINIUM OR PLANNED COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION. Note, within this package you MUST select a lender. If the buyer’s lender is unknown or a questionnaire is unneeded, leave the lender dropdown set to Generic Lender and select any one of the 8 documents in red below it. After that DO NOT SELECT ANY OTHER DOCUMENTS ON THIS PAGE.
  4. At the bottom of the page enter the required information (indicated by a red dot) — Escrow / Loan / Lender information are NOT required.
  5. Enter the date you require the documents to be completed by. If this date is within 5 business days of the order date a $75.00 RUSH CHARGE will be added to your order.
  6. Click CALCULATE CHARGES to be taken to the next page to enter payment, enter email delivery information, and place order.
  7. Fill out ALL ITEMS on Payment Page and click PAY FOR DOCUMENTS
  8. After your payment is processed a receipt including your unique TRANSACTION CODE will be emailed to the email address entered on the Payment Page.
  9. You will be sent additional emails notifying you that the management company has approved and released your closing documents.

When the credit card has processed, you will be taken to the Order Confirmation Page. From the Order Confirmation Page, you will be able to download Community Governing Documents immediately using your transaction code.

To retrieve the closing documents you have purchased:

  1. On the Stevenson Williams website, under DOCUMENTS, click on ORDER DOCUMENTS.
  2. In the field under EXISTING ORDERS, enter your transaction code and click SUBMIT.
  3. Click on the link to each document listed to download your purchased documents.
  4. You will have immediate access to all governance, financial, and any miscellaneous association documents.
  5. If the link on the order confirmation page reads, “Pending Management Company Approval”, your document has not yet been prepared by the Stevenson, Williams. As soon as it is drafted, approved, and released, you will be notified via email and will be able to download it as described above.


MIKE MILLER, [email protected], 412.531.6000 X102.

We’d love to tell you our story and answer any questions about life in our community.